2018 Has Come and Gone…

written by Josh Hoffert December 26, 2018
2018 year end wind

Let me tell you a story.


Sometime around the end of the summer, as the days were turning crisper, the leaves more golden, and the nights shortening, I found myself at a small Bible camp of faithful Christians. I had been invited to speak by friends and was anticipating the event.

Erin and the kids were with me, which presents its own challenges. Finley and Savannah ran up to me the whole first night as I was speaking excited to see their dad and deliriously tired. Finley beckoned for the microphone multiple times and being his father, I obliged. He would say a couple of unintelligible words and run off. All was ok, we were among family and the distractions were welcome.

On the second evening of the camp, a particularly powerful move of the Holy Spirit ushered into the meeting tent during worship. I had a message prepared, but it became obvious the Lord had other intentions. As the normal time for worship came and went, we attempted to move from music to preaching, but none of us could figure out how. It seemed so violating to move out of this powerful manifestation of the presence of pure love. Eventually we gave up. Many came to the front and laid on their faces before the Lord in worship. It was a powerful night.

Later that night, in the afterglow of this powerful visitation, a young man approached me. He wanted to thank me.

“Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and obeying His prompting,” he said. “I spoke in tongues for the first time in a long time tonight. There was a time a few years ago when I felt close to the Lord, and tonight something was re-awakened in me. I’ll never be the same. Thank you.”

I was stunned and didn’t quite know what to say. I thanked him for his kind words.

He went on to tell me how he had prophesied over a man in the meeting, one of the first prophetic words he had ever given. Again, I was floored. A call was re-awakened and a destiny was born.

It was nothing I had planned, nor had the event coordinators planned, but in God’s eternality, He knew. If you really think about it, He had been anticipating that moment from before the foundation of the world. In His all-knowingness, God was aware of that moment long before we ever entered it. And if He was aware of it, then surely, He anticipated it. Somehow, we get to partake in these seemingly minor moments that become demarcation points in the lives of others (and of ourselves).

In 2018 we launched Wind Ministries and you have been a part of that.   Whether through financial giving, prayerful support, or regular visits to this website, you have blessed and encouraged us this year.  The call on Wind Ministries is to equip people to experience God. It’s what I live for, that God would receive the fullness of pleasure He anticipated from the moment He said, “Let there be…” We all exist for such a time as this.

There is an incredible amount of work yet to be done.  This year has seen the launch of this ministry, the publishing of our first course, the completion of the first phase of the Desert Fathers and Mothers project, and most of all, the spiritual lives of many deepened.  Next year is just the beginning of what God is intending to accomplish.

Coming in January is the official launch of a new video series on the teachings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers.  We will be hosting a Wind Ministries launch party at Summerside Community Church in Summerside, PE Canada on January 12 @ 7PM.  If you happen to be in the area, please swing by.  We will be featuring some of this new video content that is up and coming.

I recently returned from from a number of ministry trips.  The time was rich, and I am anticipating more trips in the future.  The hunger around the world to know God, experience His presence, and introduce others to this incredible God we serve is great.  We are in desperate need to know the Father intimately.

Would you prayerfully consider Wind Ministries as you plan your year-end giving?  Your support goes a long way to making all this possible.  All USA and Canadian donations are tax deductible.

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I thank you for your support.  We could not have begun this without you.  I trust that in all your giving, God has richly blessed you abundantly beyond what you could ever have imagined. We are praying for you, that you would step into the fullness of your calling and experience the glorious inheritance that is awaiting you.




Joshua and Erin Hoffert

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