Christian spirituality is a funny thing, we think we know everything about God after five minutes. Soon, we come to realize just how little we know. The real journey begins in coming to grips with what we lack.

The path to intimate union with God is a long and arduous journey.  It never ends.  The smallest sliver of daylight can provide light to a completely dark room.  We see that sliver and are convinced we have experienced the depths of the heart of Jesus, but if He were to peel back the curtain we would see just how much we have missed.  Just one sliver of God’s light gives us a glimpse into the infinite panorama of His love.

We must be quick to acknowledge how little we know. This is evidenced by our own hearts.  If we knew the heart of God to the extent we thought we knew the heart of God, we would be very different people.  My desire is to equip people to experience God.  We are designed for Him, and all of Creation groans, including us.

But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. 1 Corinthians 6:17

Scripture says that we are one spirit with Him.  The question that resonates deeply within my heart is, “What does it take to become a ‘partaker of the divine nature’?”  My mission is not so much to answer that question as to experience it, and lead others into the depths of the Divine Nature of Christ.

Joshua Hoffert resides with his wife and two children in Summerside, PE and served as the Director of Ministry for Streams Ministries Canada from 2012-2017.  He and his wife have since relocated to Eastern Canada in order to launch a ministry initiative to train and equip churches throughout Canada in prophetic ministry and the spiritual life.  He is a member of Christian Ministers Assocation (canadacma.org).


Endorsements from Pastors and Leaders


“I have watched Joshua Hoffert grow in his gift and in his character. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to help a church, ministry, group, or individual grow in understand the voice and the ways of God and learn how to release God’s presence in their personal lives as well as the lives of those not yet in relationship with Jesus. I am honored to consider him and his wife Erin friends and partners in advancing the kingdom of God.“

John Thomas, President
Streams Ministries International, Dallas, TX USA


“Someone once said that an endorsement is something incredibly important. Not to merely be done strategically, but to do so with confidence that one has no question about the person. I have the honour and joy of walking alongside Joshua Hoffert as both friend and colleague. Joshua is not only a trusted minister but also a loving husband and father. He has a great servant heart for the body of Christ and longs to see it rise into a glorious church. I am honoured to recommend Joshua to you and believe that you will be refreshed and equipped as a result of having him among you in any capacity.”

Steve Schroeder, President
CMA Canada, Vancouver, BC


“I am excited about Josh & Erin and family moving to Maritime Canada! They will bring many gifts that will enhance Kingdom Life and Witness in the region. Josh has been the Director of Streams (Canada) a Ministry founded by John Paul Jackson. Josh & Erin have led seminars on Hearing God and the Prophetic across the USA and Canada. Josh also was the overseer of the Vancouver School of the Supernatural Ministry, one of the first BSSM outside Bethel Church in Redding, CA. So… this couple bring a spiritual dynamism to bless the Maritime Region. They plan to offer seminars across the East Coast. I highly recommend them as godly, mature leaders.”

The Rev’d. Dr. John Roddam
Rector of St. James Anglican Church, Kentville, NS


“I met Joshua Hoffert in August,  2016, when he came to our church for, The Art of Hearing from God seminar.  It was a 40-hour course, well attended by several from our church as well as several from other churches.  Joshua’s gift to teach and impart spiritual wisdom, as well as minister prophetically, was a powerful blessing to us.  I commend him to you as a man of integrity and strong Holy Spirit anointing. He will enrich any church that chooses to invite him.”

Bruce Morrison, Lead Pastor
Christian Fellowship Church, New Glasgow, NS


“Josh Hoffert recently came to Summerside to host The Art of Hearing God course which is material developed by John Paul Jackson. Everyone in our church family was deeply impacted with the wealth of knowledge and humility Josh ‘unpacked’ as he spoke. His answers to questions that were outside the material presented showed a wide range of biblical understanding and personal study of the scriptures. Many from our church family received a prophetic word that changed the trajectory of their lives forever. I highly recommend Josh as a guest speaker and prophetic teacher at any church!

Andrew Bryce, Founding Pastor
Summerside Community Church, Summerside, PE


“We have had the privilege of having Josh Hoffert with us at Christian Fellowship Centre in Qualicum Beach on a number of occasions.  Josh is passionate about seeing folk grow in their understanding of God’s character and activity.  His personable interaction with attendees makes it easy to ask questions and explore together the various ways God
speaks to His children.  His love of the Body present and the historical church is contagious.”

Brian and Leah Robertson, Lead Pastors
Christian Fellowship Centre, Qualicum Beach, BC


“My husband and I are senior pastors of the River Community Church in Abbotsford.  I oversee the prophetic departments in our church and so have brought Josh in a number of times to teach my prayer teams and my prophetic teams on Hearing God’s voice and Dream Interpretations.  Josh is a wonderful teacher and works really well with a pastor  – he will adapt/focus his teaching to the area that you feel your church or group needs. He is VERY knowledgeable in both areas of Hearing God’s voice and Dreams, and Dream interpretations. He has helped our church greatly in these areas, as they are both areas we wanted to excel in, as we are using them more and more for outreach.  We highly recommend him!”

Alf and Pam Dyck, Senior Pastors
River Community Church, Abbotsford, BC


“We have been so blessed to have Joshua Hoffert lead us in the Streams Ministries’ Understanding Dreams and Visions course during this past summer.  In that time we discovered the depth of his character in Christ, his love for people, his rich teaching gift, and his prophetic and dream interpretations gifts.  We also discovered how well read and studied is his background and his strong work ethic.   We would recommend Joshua without reservation to any church community desiring the deeper and greater things of the Lord.”

Jerome MacDonald, Lead Elder
Cross Current Community Church, Fredericton, NB


“Josh Hoffert is a gift to the body, and has been given such talents as reaching into every corner of our church, for the sake of unity. Josh’s hearts desire is to see everyone Christian, walk in the fulness of who they are designed to be. Josh has an amazing desire to study the great thinkers, and forerunners of our faith, to help others as they seek to experience and understand the Kingdom better.

Daniel Howard, Young Adults Community Pastor
Centre Street Church, Calgary, AB


“As an instructor for Streams Ministries, I met Josh Hoffert in 2008 as part of an outreach at Stonehenge in England. Since then I have known both he and his wife Erin as effective outreach leaders in revelatory evangelism. That is not their only level of competency, they also have strong leadership qualities that radiate beyond their years. They display a healthy balance of the base level understanding of God’s love and trust with a strong vision to grow up in the honor, character and vision of Christ. I believe they are effective teachers and are a couple who instruct by example. I have co-worked with them for some years now and I can recommend their constancy in character, hunger and leadership for others to follow. I would not hesitate to trust not only their skills but who they are as people, people who live their reality when no one else but God is looking.”

Rob Mazza, President
Destiny Workshops, Coeur D’Alene, ID USA